Note to Ed. This needs going through and tidying up and the links checked (Oct 2016) Split into books and journal articles 1) Primitive photography by Alan Greene DIY cameras, lenses, calotypes (French variant), waxed paper negs and D.O.P. salt prints - a gold mine! 2) Coming Into Focus - John Barnier Chapter on calotypes by Richard Morris (Talbot's method) 3) The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes Edition 2 - by Christopher James 4) A Manual of Photography - by Robert Hunt: 5) A Guide to Photography - by W. H. Thornthwaite (1845): 6) A Handbook to the Waxed Paper Process in Photography - by William Crookes (1857): 7) Méthodes simplifiées de photographie sur papier - by Van Monkhoven (1857) 8) Nouveau traite theorique et pratique de photographie sur papier et sur verre. - by Le Gray (1851) English translation p.106 9) Orr's Circle of the Sciences (1851) 10) DR. THOMAS KEITH’S WAXED PAPER PROCESS EXPERIMENTS Part II (page 101) 11) COL. A. G. GREENLAW PROCESS EXPERIMENTS Part I (page 180) 12) Thomas Sutton, B.A.: The Calotype Process - A Hand Book , London (1855): 13) C. Chevalier - Guide du Photographe  (1854): 14) A. Davanne - Chimie Photographique: 15) An Investigation of Photogenic Drawings and Leucotypes: 16) Traité de photographie sur papier (1851) by Blanquart-Evrard: 17) G. Fisher and F. Peabody - Photogenic Manipulation (1843): 18) Edmond de Valicourt - Nouveau manuel complet de photographie sur métal, sur papier et sur verre. (1851) Volume 1 and 2;page=ro... 19) La Lumière: 20) Traité complet et pratique de photographie (1854) by La Sor (comte de.), A. Texier, comte de La Sor 21) A Treatise on Photography by William de Wiveleslie Abney: 22) Instruction in Photography by William de Wiveleslie Abney: 23) Practical Photography: On Glass and Paper (Part II.) Negretti and Zambra, (1864): 24) Landscape Photography - A Complete and Easy Description by Joachim Otte, (1858): 25) Traité pratique de photographie sur papier négatif par l'emploi de couches de gélatinobromure d'argent étendues sur papier. Nouveau tirage by Eugene Trutat, 1893 26) Photographic Manipulation, WHT?, (1843): 27) On the Practice of Calotype Process of Photography. By George S. Cundell, Esq. May 1844 (page 321): 28) A system of photography: containing an explicit detail of the whole process ... by S. D. Humphrey (1849): 29) T & R Willats's Scientific Manuals: No.1 Plain Directions for Obtaining Photographic Pictures by the Calotype & Energiatype (1845) Records of the Dawn of Photography: Talbot's Notebooks P & Q: The Simplicity of the Calotype Process, By Dr. Diamond in Notes and Queries (page 596, No. 216 - 1853): Edmond de Valicourt - Nouveau manuel complet de photographie sur métal, sur papier et sur verre. (1851) First edition and vol. 1&2 The Calotype on the Sea-shore - by Dr. M. L. Mansell (p134): Le Gray. Great reproductions of much of his work: The Durieu Album Early Nineteenth Century French Photographic Techniques and Studies of the Nude Figure: Handbuch der gesammten Photography, Martin, Anton Georg C., Vienna (1854): The Photographic Negative: Written as a practical guide to the preparation of sensitive surfaces by the calotype, albumen, collodion, and gelatin processes, on glass and paper, with supplementary chapters on development, etc., etc - William Henry Burbank (1888) Contains instructions for Pelegry's modified dry paper process (page 37)  "... Superior to the foregoing (legray's) in the superior keeping qualities which it confers upon the sensitized sheets and in its greater sensitiveness." uses citric acid (sensitizer), Tannic acid (preservative) and pyrogallol (developer) La Photographie : traité théorique et pratique. Volume 1, Alphonse Davanne, (1886): Late calotype variations, including Paraffin process, Ceroleine process, Pelegry's process Egypte, Nubie, Palestine et Syrie : dessins photographiques recueillis pendant les années 1849, 1850 et 1851, By Maxime Du Camp Landscape Photography - A Complete and Easy Description by Joachim Otte, (1858): A practical guide to photography on gelatino-bromide paper. Traité pratique de photographie sur papier négatif par l'emploi de couches de gélatinobromure d'argent étendues sur papier. Nouveau tirage by Eugene Trutat, (1893): and The first guide to calotype? [ed. Not the first, but probably the first detailed, workable account.] Photographic manipulation; containing details of the most improved processes of photogenic drawing, the daguerreotype and calotype WHT (1843) A Popular Treatise on the Art of Photography Including Daguerreotype and ALL the New Methods of Producing Pictures by the Chemical Agency of Light. Robert Hunt, Glasgow 1841. Photography, including the daguerreotype, calotype, chrysotype, etc.; familiarly explained, being a treatise on its objects and uses. By William Raleigh Baxter. London, 1842. Répertoire encyclopédique de photographie, Part 1, Volume 2 By Henri de La Blanchère, 1862. Lists forty-five different variants of the paper negative! (page 164) Part 1, Volume 1. United States Patent US5171, Improvement in Photographic Pictures, WH Fox Talbot. Bulletin de la Société française de photographie (1855 and following years.) "The Bulletin of this society is probably the best documentary source for the study of nineteenth-century photography in general. We have used particularly the reviews, exposition reports and biographical information it contains. These texts are as valuable as the works to which they refer, are conserved in the Society's archives." - Excerpt from The Art of French Calotype by Andre Jammes and Eugenia Parry Janis. Chapter XXIX "Negatives on Paper - The Talbotype or Calotype" from Towler, John. The Silver Sunbeam. Joseph H. Ladd, New York: (1864) Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 1845 - 1847 Mentions the Energiatype, Catalistotype and Calotype (including iogallic paper)(page 89) T & R Willats's Scientific Manuals: No.1 Plain Directions for Obtaining Photographic Pictures by the Calotype & Energiatype, 1845 (see top of page [29]) The Pencil of Nature by William Henry Fox Talbot, (1844 - 1846): Gustave Le Gray, 1820-1884 By Sylvie Aubenas: (English translation page 106) Henry fox Talbot, the pencil of nature Theory and Practice of the Photographic Arts (W. Sparling, 1856) It has details on numerous calotype variations and has a great comparison table of wax paper iodizing processes (page 72). Plus, there is a fine illustration of a buckle brush! Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photographs by Mike Ware - incomplete (look for a copy) Roger Taylor, Impressed by Light - British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840-1860. Paper and light: The Calotype in France and Great Britain, 1839-1870. A great survey of the well known practitioners. Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England through a Victorian Lens A book rather devoted to salted paper but I think very relevant for us is Ann Cartier-Bresson: Les Papier Sales. It is in French as you can guess but there is a summary in English and the rest can be guessed by us who do not speak and read that language. It was published in 1984 when I bought it and still find very interesting how deterioration effects salted papers and the preparation of samples using several methods used at the time: plain salted paper, bichromated, gelatine and starch sized. "Eloge du négatif : Les débuts de la photographie sur papier en Italie (1846-1862)", published (2010) Larry Schaaf, Out of the Shadows. Herschel, Talbot & the Invention of Photography. 1992, Yale Univesrity Press On a simple method of Manipulation in the Calotype process.—By J. J. Gray, Esq. Maldah Article from The Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal (page 287) "Primitifs de la photographie. Le calotype en France 1843-1860", Sylvie Aubenas and Paul-Louis Roubert, Gallimard / Bibliotheque nationale de France, 2010 Practical photography on glass and paper by Charles Albert Long (London : Bland and Long 1854): Practical hints on photography: its chemistry and manipulations by John Brent Hockin (1860) Charles Longs second edition of Practical photography on glass and paper (1856): La photographie des peintres, des voyageurs et des touristes, by Arsene Pelegry, (1879): The Photographic and fine art journal vol.7 to 12 (1854 to 1860): The Photographic art-journal Vol. 1 to 6 (1851 to 1853) Henry Hunt Snelling: Victor Regnault And The Advance Of Photography. The Art of Avoiding Errors by Laurie Dahlberg. More from Chas Long in the Journal of the photographic society 1856, including has presentation to the society of two different Calotype processes and a method of printing by development . The Photography of John Muir Wood An Accomplished Amateur 1805 - 1892 Sara Stevenson - Julie Lawson - Michael Gray. The Calotype in Nineteeth-Century America Bland & Co's equipment catalogue . In 1864 Negretti and Zambra took over the business and basically just copied Bland & Co's catalogue and illustrations. Prices were the same as in the 1856 edition too. Lots of information about lenses if you pick through it. So the next time you see exposure time recommendations in a process eg a 3 inch lens and a stop of half an inch you can work out the focal length. Disciples of Light Photographs in the Brewster Album. Article about "The Tartan Album" created by John and Robert Adamson which was sent to Talbot. Very interesting to read about how Brewster and his ideas most likely influenced the choice of subjects photographed by the brothers: Photogenic drawing or drawings by the agency of light. The Edinburgh Review 154 Jan 1843 article by Sir David Brewster (page 324) Vijayanagara Splendour in Ruins edited by George Mitchell Plain directions for obtaining photographic pictures upon waxed and albumenised paper and glass, by collodion and albumen : including a third edition of Le Gray's Treatise on photography, a description of the stereoscope and the manner of taking pictures suited for it : also, the process for copying microscopic objects, &c edited by Charles Heisch Published 1852 by T. Willats in London: Sun pictures catalogue ten . British paper negatives. Hans P Kraus JR with text by Larry Schaaf and Roger Taylor. "The Beginning and the End of the World: St. Andrews, Scandal, and the Birth of Photography", 2011, By Robert Crawford. The North British Review August 1847 . An article by Sir David Brewster from page 465 onward
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