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The history of Calotype


Adamson Thinks He Knows Some Things Others Do Not

Adamson thinks he  knows some things others do not… by Rob Douglas You ask “can it be kept secret “ I can only say that Adamson says the manipulation is very liable to go wrong […]

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Greenlaw’s Process

Colonel Alexander Greenlaw (1818 – 1870) Alexander Greenlaw was born in London , and at the age of seventeen, joined the Madras infantry as a cadet . He was posted to Trichinopoly in Madras . […]

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Thomas Rodger of St Andrews

Thomas Rodger was the protoge of Dr John Adamson of St Andrews . He learnt his photography at the hand of this master of the art from the age of 14 and rapidly gained a […]

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Kirk, Herschel & Maclear

Sir Thomas Maclear (1794–1879) was an Irish-born South African astronomer who became Astronomer Royal at the Cape of Good Hope. Maclear would later became a good friend of David Livingstone. Maclear arrived in Cape Town […]

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Adamson’s Process

The commonly held view is that the process used by Robert Adamson for his calotype work with David Octavius Hill is unknown because Adamson wrote nothing down and died very young, at the age of 26, […]

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The Calotypes of Sir John Kirk

Sir John Kirk is best known as a British diplomat who was hugely influential in finally ending the slave trade in East Africa, during his many years spent as British Consul in Zanzibar. If you want […]

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Talbotype Process Notes

The Calotype Process According to William Henry Fox Talbot (N.B.: These procedural notes are adapted from those of Richard Morris, who kindly shared his knowledge with me many years ago. His account was subsequently included […]

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