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Pélegry Instructions

The Pélegry Calotype Process These instructions are for the preparation of 40 sheets of 8”x10”. All weights and volumes can be scaled down to smaller formats as required. The Paper The choice of paper is […]

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Making Whey

Making Whey Sterilize the pot just before use by pouring ½ inch of water in the bottom, covering, and bring to a rolling boil for at least five minutes. Pour out the water, replace sterile […]

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Thomas Rodger of St Andrews

Thomas Rodger was the protoge of Dr John Adamson of St Andrews . He learnt his photography at the hand of this master of the art from the age of 14 and rapidly gained a […]

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Talbotype Process Notes

The Calotype Process According to William Henry Fox Talbot (N.B.: These procedural notes are adapted from those of Richard Morris, who kindly shared his knowledge with me many years ago. His account was subsequently included […]

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